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The national hotline
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Quality Manager

Independent QA and QC.


Follows laws and regulations as well as PORTON EHS system.

PRODUCT center

Engaged in the R&D and production of intermediate.

R&D center

Located in the High Technology Zone of Chengdu.


5 workshops, total 206 reactors and 464.8m3 reaction capacity.


The news from Dongbang.

Jiangxi Dongbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Acquired in July 2015 and operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Porton Fine Chemicals, Jiangxi Dongbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(“Dongbang Pharmaceuticals”)?was established in December 2007. ?Located in Jiangxi Province [75 km from Changbei Airport], Dongbang Pharmaceuticals is a key element of Porton’s?strategically differentiated manufacturing network, and provides powerful back-integration solutions to our global customers through high-quality production of commercial-scale starting materials for conversion?to RSMs or GMP intermediates at other Porton sites. ?Covering?an area of 114,000 square meters (172 acres) and featuring a total reactor capacity of 500m3, Dongbang Pharmaceuticals operates under Porton’s centralized Quality Management and Environment, Health & Safety [EHS] systems, and has an excellent track record in both areas. ?Specialized technology capabilities include handling of diazomethane chemistry, cyanation, hydrogenation and large-scale chromatography. 【MORE】

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